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So I wrote last time about what it's like being me.

What I didn't include was the craziness of the past several years.

I've been freelancing now for over 15 years, but when I started out, it was as a stay-at-home mom who'd left programming and was going a little stir-crazy not bringing any money in. I'd never intended it to be full-time. Then when I divorced, I was lucky enough to land a full-time job fairly quickly, but let my regular freelance clients go one by one as working full-time and being a single mom on top of it wasn't leaving much room.

When my position was eliminated, it was a huge, huge struggle for several years. I was fortunate that I had family to help, but it's super-hard to build up a full-time freelance business in this market. It's hard to convince clients you're worth the money when there are people who don't do it for a living who undercharge. And I couldn't rely on family to bail me out forever.

So I made the decision to take a part-time job, and I applied for years -- literally. And then I finally got one, but the idea I had in my head of 20 hours a week was hilarious. It's odd hours and exhausting work, and when I added that on to my existing part-time marketing job and freelance and being a mom... something had to give.

Some of you may know I'm also a volunteer on the Communications committee at OTW. I'm on hiatus there. And, unfortunately, I need to take a break from taking on any new clients as well. If you're reading this and you're an existing client, have no fears. I have made room in my schedule. I'm familiar with your style. I know when your stuff is heading my way (roughly).

But the amount of time and energy it takes to onboard new clients, to become familiar with their idiosyncrasies and writing styles and editing preferences is more than I have right now. I'm trying valiantly to give my kids time and attention and do my best at both my jobs, and while I've actually left myself calendar notifications to not take on so much work around the holidays, I missed that memo here. I need to give myself a break. I need to give my kids a present mom, even when I'm working 50+ hours a week and trying to fit things in around that.

So you won't see me as much on social media. I won't be taking on any new clients right now. I'm taking a break from volunteering. I'm putting my writing on hold. I'm on... hiatus.

Thanks for understanding! I hope that once I get a few more months of "new job anxiety" out of my system, I'll be able to open to new clients again.