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What it means to work hard and be a team

I will be the first one to tell you that two of my kids doing competitive dance is Not My Thing. I am the furthest thing from a dance mom you can imagine, even if I do a hell of a lot of sacrificing to pay my share of their dance costs. They are at a great school that is NOTHING like you see on TV, and I drive a 40+-minute round trip to take them there.

And they love it. Well, Petey loves it. Jay tolerates the competition aspect in order to take more types of dance. Petey wants to teach dance, and lives for this whole thing.

So I go without a lot of stuff and the kids sacrifice a lot to make this work. And there's a lot of time involved and work involved, and a frightening amount of money no matter how hard you try to cut corners. 

So imagine doing all that work and all that sacrifice and something goes wrong. 

One of the other studios had the same dresses in another color as my oldest's class. We noticed that morning in the dressing rooms. And then they came out and started their number... 

And the music glitched. The organizers sent them off to hopefully sort out the music, did a couple more dances, and started them again.

The music skipped and stopped.

You hear the saying "The show must go on" and the kids are trained from toddlerhood to keep going no matter what, but what on EARTH do you do when you have no music?

They kept going.

They started counting out loud (if you've ever heard a dance class, you know it's an 8-count). Some girls ran out of breath, and other girls who had taken a breather would pick up the count. For over two minutes, we heard nothing but voices in unison counting to 8 over and over, and they STAYED TOGETHER.

I cried as it was happening. I'm crying again typing it up. 

Because that class has given up a lot to get there as well. They've given up other activities. Time with their friends. Time sitting around the house watching TV like a lot of teens do. They'd worked hard and they knew if they stuck together and helped each other out, they were absolutely going to get through it. It was truly amazing to watch.

P.S. They won several awards, including a special award for professionalism from one of the judges. And the lesson of that class is going to stick with ma a long, long time.