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As always, there's music...

I can't write -- or really edit well -- without music. 

The one thing I wish I could do with client books is take the time to make playlists for their books when I edit, because it's so much more helpful to have that mood playing in the background. It helps you know when a character has gotten off track, or the plot got a little wandery.

I create my playlist for books while I'm writing the first draft. I'll hear a song I think might fit something in my outline, or as I'm writing, I'll think of a song that's perfect for the scene. THE FOREST'S SON was a little bit different in that I wanted to find music that fit perfectly -- and my familiarity with Polish pop music isn't the best. For most of us in the States, our Polish music begins and ends with classical composers and Basia -- and her last name was too difficult to deal with for Americans.

So I sought some out. Mixed in some Jacaszek with some alt-country. I think it works, and the playlist has kept me perfectly in the mood as I edit. 

One song isn't available on Spotify: the acoustic version of Wise Children's "When Your Love Is Safe" from the Daytrotter set. It's worth the few bucks to go get this song. I promise. The original doesn't come close.

Note: my working title for at least a couple of years was Dziwozony. But I recognize that, like Basia's last name, that's a rough one for non-Poles. :)

Download the first part -- FREE! -- here: THE FOREST'S SON.