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So where did they come from?

The female tribe in my book wasn't original to the story. Like most of my stuff, it seems, it started out as YA. Jakub and Donovan were there, but there were aliens and a sort of men-in-black thing and then I realized they really needed to be able to have sex.

And beyond that, I wasn't into writing a slightly older E.T. I wanted a new adult Dune: a Kwisatz Haderach with a romantic storyline. No Chani dying in childbirth, no blinding and a destiny that can't be altered. And definitely no worm children.

At around the same time, I stumbled onto the legend of the Dziwozony, a mythical tribe of Amazonian-like women who lived in the forests of Poland. I never did find why they have no men, but if I grafted the story of the Bene Gesserit to theirs, it dovetailed so nicely, and gave me a hero with a lot to lose, but even more to gain. 

And then I started looking at the forests of Poland, and fell in love. Here are some pictures of the area Grażyna's tribe is from: 

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