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So I have this new book out...

I KNOW! I owe you all the second part of my visit to Princeton, but I've been working so hard to get this thing out, and... well....

Why so serial? 

Serials are interesting things. I've seen them work really, really well, and I've seen them NOT work well at all. And I will be releasing this as a single book at the end, if that's more your thing, but I realized when I started editing it that I'd WRITTEN it as a serial and crammed it all into one Scrivener file. The titles for each section? There from the very first outline.

I was still regularly (instead of sporadically) writing fanfic when I first drafted this book, and I'm not sure if that mentality was what led to drafting this story in pieces. Each section has its own logical beginning and ending. 

At any rate, I hope you enjoy it! Part I, UNKNOWING, is currently free on Amazon Kindle. (I hope to keep it that way to give you at least a taste of the story... a try-before-you-buy).