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And they broke the mold. Farewell, GigaOM.

I usually talk about book things and publishing things on my blog. I don't talk about most of my past gigs, because that's not where my head's at these days. 

Before I moved into closer-to-full-time freelance editing, I was a tech journalist, and then a copy editor for tech sites. As a former programmer, it was a logical fit for me; I understood the stuff I was writing about.

Tech journalism is an exhausting job. I often worked 16+ hour days, because the news never stops, and trying to be first, be best is the name of the game. 

I applied at GigaOM no fewer than three times, and just when I was about to go bankrupt, landed there as a copy editor.

It was the happiest I've ever been getting a job.

There isn't a single person out there covering tech who doesn't owe something to Om Malik. He taught every single one of us what it means to do quality journalism, to stop and think without knee-jerk reactions to news, to be classy even when everything tells you to come out swinging.

I don't think there's a single one of us alumni who view today's news with anything less than utter heartbreak. This is the one gig where I still watch former colleagues to see what they're doing. The one site I routinely went to for balanced and intelligent coverage of news when -- if it had been any other place where my job was eliminated -- I'd probably have pretended it no longer existed.

It was the last tech job I ever had. I sent in half-hearted applications to a few places when my job there was eliminated, but eventually shifted gears. I was tired. My kids were tired. And I couldn't see any point in working somewhere else when I'd already worked for the best.