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My first and last published erotica is...

... in THE BIG BOOK OF DOMINATION, edited by the fabulous D.L. King.

I'd never planned on blogging about this story, or this book, or the fact that I wrote erotica at all. Those of you who know me know that I've had about six years too many of dealing with certain individuals invading my privacy online. At times, it's made me maybe MORE out there than a lot of people are, but I still try to protect my kids as much as I can.

So I created Alison, and she had a decent run. She made it nearly down to the wire in Alison Tyler's Smut Marathon last year. She had a story published in probably the prettiest erotica anthology ever put out there: GEEK LOVE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FULL FRONTAL NERDITY.

Not going to lie; Alison had some plans. She sold the story for this book to D.L. King, and there were other stories in the works.

Only then, a very classy internet troll decided to reveal my real name, and that was the end of Alison.

The story in this book is a couple that has been in my head a long time. I tried them once as fan fiction, shoehorning them into someone else's universe, but they never did fit. A few of you might recognize the hallway in the beginning of the story; now that I've revealed who I am, I can tell you that yes, it is the basement hallway that connects Kilbourn Hall to the main building at the Eastman School of Music. I traveled that hallway on many a Saturday morning with my kids, and always wondered what sort of antics could be gotten up to in those practice rooms.

This is a pretty tame story by my standards, but the book as a whole offers something for everyone.

I'm so glad that my first and last foray into the pro world was with D.L.; we have a mutual friend who'd been trying to get us hooked up for years, and this was a pleasant coincidence. I hope you enjoy "Sight Reading" and the rest of the fantastic writing by my fellow authors. It's been a huge fangirl moment for me to appear in a book with some of these names, and my short journey into the erotica world will always be a pleasant memory.

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