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The world's biggest THE NIGHT CIRCUS fangirl

A few years back, I was looking at the "new posts" tab in the forums at Absolute Write when I saw a post from an author whose child had a perforated eardrum. Being my usual self, I wandered into the thread and shared my experience with Sassa, who has a permanent perforation at this point we'll need to fix at some point.

I had no idea when I wandered into that room I'd end up making friends with some pretty cool authors. A lot of them were already published: Lisa Brackman, Alice Loweecey, and Cindy Pon (whose post was the one I answered) among them. Others have been published since: S.A. Meade, Tracey Martin,  Rick Campbell, Maryn Blackburn, and Lyndee Walker, to name a few. Some you'll see book from this year, like Amy Bai and Bryn Greenwood.

And there was one author who was already getting a little scarce when I started posting in that thread on a regular basis. She was gearing up for her upcoming release, and didn't have a lot of time for posting. We knew her as Evie, but even before you all knew her name, I think I was the biggest fan of the mere IDEA of her book.

I have threatened to sit on people who have not read her book (offer still stands). I took the day off on its release day so I could read it straight through after downloading it at midnight. I coerced a coworker to get me a copy in the UK and send it to me so I could one with the UK cover. 

You could say I'm a little bit obsessed.

The unfortunate person who gets to listen to the bulk of my obsession is author Clovia Shaw, who is also good friends with Evie. So when I went to the PO this morning and found this in my box:

Mail from Erin Morgenstern

You can imagine the scene I created in the post office. Others might have been secondhand embarrassed for me. 

Of course, I open the box, and this is what's inside:

TNC loot

I may have had a little mini-breakdown. There's a note from Erin. There's a tarot card of the clock. There are enough tickets (designed by Clovia) to get me and the kids into the actual Night Circus when it comes to down (ssshhh.... let me believe). There's a business card for Chandresh. And a bookmark. And when I looked underneath...

TNC bag

I found this.

I'm a book reviewer. I count several NYT bestsellers among my closest friends. But some authors will forever leave me a babbling fangirl, and Erin Morgenstern is one of them. I keep opening the box and unpacking things and touching them and putting them away. 

So this is a very public (and very shrieky) thank you to both Erin Morgenstern and Clovia Shaw for making my year. It's only a day and a half into 2015, and it's already AMAZING.