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So business cards... Moo vs. Vistaprint

I really, really, really hate business cards. With a passion. I hate giving them out. I hate getting them. I especially hate designing them.

It probably doesn't help that every time I've had to get business cards for a job, I'm either laid off or move on to another job.

And am subsequently stuck with 250 or so business cards for a job I no longer have.

Sure, they are great for luggage tags, and let's face it; they really are the easiest way to give people your information, but I fear them, and fear the cost.

And yet, with RT Booklover's Convention rapidly approaching, I knew I needed -- you guessed it -- business cards.

On top of THAT, I didn't want to try to cram everything on one card. So I decided I needed one card for the book writing, and the other card for the freelancing, making it even more hellacious than one might think.

And... I wanted to go as cheap as I could manage and not have them look like crap.

Enter and Vistaprint.

I'm sure you've seen ads for them both everywhere online. I've used Vistaprint before to crank out the super-cheap Christmas photo cards of the kids, but never for anything I was really worried about, and I've never used Moo before, but I've seen their cards at various cons.

So for the purposes of my experiment, I used Moo for the book cards (since I could order minicards with more than one book image) and Vistaprint for the "business cards."

First up, Price:

Moo seems super-expensive, and Vistaprint super-cheap. I was ordering the Moo minicards, since I think they are adorable and stand out a little more. I was able to find a coupon after signing up for their mailing list, so that helped on the cost.

Vistaprint's basic cards are dirt-cheap, but I did want to look professional. Extra charges come in for metallic finish and front-and-back design, so when it came down to price, they ended up being practically the same for the same number of cards. Moo gets the bonus of having more than one design per order, while Vistaprint has the bonus of belonging to most of those cash-back sites.


There is absolutely ZERO contest for speed: Moo wins hands-down. I ordered both sets of cards the same day, and I received the Moo cards in my mailbox before I'd even gotten word that Vistaprint was shipping my order. Moo also has an adorable little bot mailer that keeps you up-to-date with your order status.


Again, Moo wins hands-down. My cards came in an adorable little package with a white cardboard box (heavyweight) for transporting the cards. My Vistaprint cards came in super-thin cardstock boxes I don't expect to survive my flight.


Here's where I goofed a little bit. Moo warned me to convert to CMYK and I completely forgot, so the colors are a tad bit off from what I wanted. It's not noticeable if you've never done print stuff, but I can see it, and it's irksome, but again, my fault.

Vistaprint, meanwhile, does a really nice job when you pay for the upgrades.


Vistaprint won this round. I was dreading having to design business cards on TOP of the book cards (keep in mind: broke freelancer here), but Vistaprint has been at this a while and has a TON of templates, including one that dovetailed so nicely with my business name you'd think I designed the cards myself. 

Moo, on the other hand? ARG ARG ARG. I am not a professional designer, and when I do things like DOWNLOAD A TEMPLATE I expect them to work flawlessly. I used the Minicard template as a transparent layer so I could check my dimensions, but learned after trial and error that you HAVE TO DESIGN CARDS WITH VERTICAL DESIGNS SIDEWAYS.

That's right; if you try to rotate the template, create your design and rotate it using Moo's edit tool? It horks all over the place.

Even once I got the hang of doing my design sideways, the "safe" area came out smaller than I'd anticipated. 


I'm going to call this one a tie. Both were comparable on price. Moo obviously wins if you're in a hurry for cards to arrive, while Vistaprint was easier for this non-artist type to design. Definitely look for coupons/sales for either, and proofread, proofread, proofread!

Wish me luck.. this is the first time I've ever had business cards for my freelance business, and I've been at this for 14 years. Hopefully I won't be stuck with a mess of useless cards!