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Professor Anne and her lovely YA Lit class

Yesterday I had the privilege of doing something I've done before: talk to a college class about fan fiction.

I can tell you it's a lot more fun than trying to explain to a college class about how I make a living with an English degree. ;)

The class had read Rainbow Rowell's FANGIRL, and I was talking about how much of the book mirrored reality, and the levels of meta that fans might see that casual readers would not. 

And, well, sex in fan fiction.

I completely blame Lauren of Christina Lauren (you may know their BEAUTIFUL BASTARD series?) for how far south the next part of the conversation went. Keep in mind, I'm me. Talking to college students. At the University of Utah.


So I'm explaining how I was determined to break the mold of fan fiction when it came to writing romance (and sex) and started with oral sex.

Now how do I say "ejaculate is NOT TASTY" in a polite and refined manner?

I reverted to Lauren's comment once that she liked writing canon Edward, because she could pretend that vampire jizz tasted like milkshakes.

I think we all know it is NOT MILKSHAKES.

So I ran with the milkshake analogy in as professional a manner as I could (not very) and managed to avoid actually referencing the line I used in my fic to say how VERY NOT TASTY it was: "like rancid tapioca that never set up right."

I'm amazed I get invited back myself.