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No tricks! UNDYING is free today!

Halloween is my very favorite day.

I have no idea why, but I love it. I love costumes and candy and kids scaring the crap out of each other and Tim Burton movies and pumpkin seeds and everything about it.


And I want to share my Halloween with everyone.

SO, if you are that person who’s been waiting for a price drop on my book, TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. And it’s going to be your only lucky day. For today (and today only), because it is Halloween, you can download the Kindle version of UNDYING for free. (This goes from 12 AM PST to 11:59 PM PST on 10/31. Ish. Depending on Amazon’s vagaries.)

Think of it like you coming trick or treating to my house, and I give you a book instead of a candy bar.

Of course, if you want the dead tree version, you can still buy that one, and it ALSO comes with a free Kindle version thanks to Kindle MatchBook.

If you already read it? Did you like it? Do you want other people to read it? Go ahead and gift away. Make like those parents who bring their truckloads of kids to the neighborhood where they give out full-sized candy bars instead of the fun size.

On 11/1, Dia de los Muertos, the book returns to its regular price, so move fast, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

(I’m going as Mr. Black from Diane Setterfield’s upcoming Bellman & Black: A Ghost Story. Are you dressing up?)