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Amazon has an update!

For those of you who downloaded Undying in the first few days after release, you know there were several typos and some formatting issues.

I'm horrible about letting things go, and I kept editing AFTER I had the book edited, meaning I introduced new errors (and a few formatting issues as well).

I can't live with a book like that, however. Yes, even big publishers often have books with typos in them, but to have several errors is simply not my style. Not when people are paying for my book.

As such, I fixed them. I've been updating the file every time I caught something (or someone caught something for me), but those who purchased the book in the first few days have the most errors in their copies.

I asked Amazon if they would kindly push that update out to buyers. If you already have notes and things highlighted and can live with the errors, feel free to keep the copy you have. If you do want everything corrected, however, you have to follow the directions in the email you should have received from Amazon to download it; even having automatic updates turned on won't do it for you for this one.

As always, thank you so much for your support. Those of you waiting for the iBooks/Nook/Kobo version, please thank your Amazon-purchasing neighbors for suffering through the kinks while I put this first book out. 

I have some exciting things coming up in the next couple of months, so stay tuned! I can't wait to share them with you!